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Barb and Brad Andrews

Welcome to Andrews2 Real Estate

Brad and Barb have been in the valley since 1990. While they come from opposite corners of the United States, Brad from Florida and Barb from Montana, they both fell in love with Jackson Hole. They married and knew that they wanted to raise a family in this unique area and always call it home. Together they have formed Andrews2 Real Estate. Brad and Barb are part of a management team that encompasses offices that are scattered throughout the surrounding areas.  Barb has extensive experience in property management and together they bring a large skill set and personality to the family at Keller Williams Jackson Hole. They are actively involved in the community and enjoy the many facets and activities that Jackson Hole has to offer. Please contact them with any of your real estate questions or needs.


Q1 2023

Jackson Hole Market Report

In the prior year, a significant transformation was observed in the real estate sector on both a national and local level. The rapid escalation of interest rates coupled with the prevailing economic uncertainty had a dampening effect on buyers’ sentiment, ultimately leading to a slowdown in the real estate market. The beginning of 2023 is witnessing a continuation of this trend, characterized by reduced transactions, price levels maintaining their gains from prior years, and a modest increase in available inventory. Despite these fluctuations, many are finding investment in real estate is a viable option in a turbulent and high-inflation environment.